The latest issue of 'The Heritage Post' talks about all things Dubarry.

Thursday, February 8, 2018 1:35:56 PM America/Santiago

The Heritage Post article

Sailors have known it all along: The name Dubarry stands for comfortable reliable and above all waterproof footwear. However, during the eight decades of its existence, the Irish company with a strong sense for quality and design, as well as curious relationship with an 18th Century French courtesan, has liberated itself from its image of being only a maritime outfitter. By evolving its horizon and product range, it has grown into an internationally successful label for outdoor clothes.

Generally, if you are looking for the right kind of clothing for being at sea, for stormy weather or wet conditions, it is advisable to consult with the inhabitant of an island. In this light, the Irish brand’s success seems more or less automatic – but that assumption is wrong…” and if you would like to know why this is the case, how it came that Dubarry moved from the sea to the land, which lead to our development of the iconic Galway boot, why the famous Madame du Barry was namesake for us and what link Dubarry has with its fashion associate Coco Chanel, Jean-Paul Gautier and Burberry then we would advise you to read the latest issue of “The Heritage Post” No 24 from January 2018. We definitely have difficulties to refrain us from constantly sticking our noses into this issue and get back to our normal work. 


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The Heritage Post article

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Dubarry of Ireland

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