Dubarry Clothing

The Dubarry Tweed Story

Ireland has four regions - Ulster, Leinster, Munster and Connacht. Within Connacht lies captivating Connemara and glorious Galway, where Dubarry is based.

Each region is unique with landscapes of contrasting beauty, steeped in legend and history.  From rugged grandeur to gentler pastures and hills, the Irish countryside provided the inspiration when we created our superb range of Tweeds.

The designs of our Tweed are unique to Dubarry.  The patterns have been developed in association with Lovats tweed mill in Scotland, and are crafted from 100% pure new wool.

Irish Tartan

Unlike Scotland, where there are family tartans, the many dozens of Irish Tartans are mostly arranged by county and district. They are reminiscent of each particular area with soft warm colours. Most people of Irish heritage wear the Tartan of the Irish county/region from where their families originated.

Naming Our Tweed Patterns

When it came to selecting the names of the Dubarry Tweeds we wanted to celebrate our special Irish heritage, landscape and nature.  We wanted names that would not only recognise the regions in which we live and work, but also capture a feel for the elements that harmonise into the wonderful natural palette of colours that typifies our homeland.

And so, by combining our native regions with natural elements and Irish flowers, plants and trees, we were able to create a rich and evocative selection of names for our Tweed Collection.

Our Tweeds are enhanced with Teflon® fabric protector, which provides durable, long-lasting protection against oil- and water-based stains, dust and dry soil.  Fabrics with Teflon® stay looking newer longer, and are easier to care for.  All without impacting the look, touch, feel, colour or breathability of the fabric.

Engineered with GORE-TEX®

The Dubarry garments engineered with GORE-TEX® Product Technology are durably waterproof and windproof combined with optimised breathability. Enduring products that maximise wearers´ protection and comfort.