Dubarry & Primaloft®


PrimaLoft® is soft, extremely lightweight and breathable with excellent water repellence to keep you comfortable, warm and dry. It absorbs 3 times less water, is 14% warmer when dry and is 24% warmer when wet than the competitive insulation.


High-Performing Synthetic Insulation

Setting the benchmark in high-performing synthetic insulation, PrimaLoft® is thermally efficient, keeping you warm without weight or bulk while resisting water. Making it the ideal choice for Dubarry performance outerwear. 

Dubarry Clothing PrimaLoft Insulation Clothing

Breathable: Encourages the passage of air and moisture to keep you warm and prevent you feeling clammy.

Fast Drying: Acclerated dry rate for comport on the go.

Lightweight: Maximum freedom of movement with all the warmth you need.

Packable: Packs down easily to allow you to store in small spaces.

Superior Softness: Unsurpassed softness which offers a flattering fit and feels great.

Warmth Without Bulk: Offers a high warmth to weight ratio.

Water Resistant: Absorbs less moisture ensuring you stay drier and warmer.



Dubarry Outdoor Clothing with PrimaLoft®

Dubarry of Ireland offer a range of outdoor clothing filled with the benefits of PrimaLoft® synthetic insulation. This includes stylish women's winter jackets and gilets plus a range of men's outerwear including jackets and gilets.





Find out more about PrimaLoft® at www.primaloft.com